Pension lifetime allowance 2015 / 2016

Fixed protection for UK pensions

There have been recent changes to the Pension lifetime allowance 2015 / 2016 – the maximum pensions savings you can build up without a pension lifetime allowance charge will come into force on 6 April 2016.

Lifetime Allowance Tax Charge 

The pension lifetime allowance is the maximum pensions savings you can build up without a tax charge over your lifetime. It is currently £1.25 million but will reduce to £1 million on 6 April 2016. More detailed information can be found here on this website.

Fixed Protection or Individual Protection

There will be two types of protection available to those who want to apply for protection against the drop in the Pension lifetime allowance 2015 in 2016, one called fixed protection 2016 and one called individual protection 2016

To say which is the better protection against the lifetime allowance tax charge is not possible without a proper review from a pension specialist. For example, the lifetime allowance calculation regarding final salary schemes, benefits already taken, future pension contributions and future fund growth all make the argument for advice stronger.

Fixed Protection

This blog will look at one of these lifetime allowance protections available, Fixed Protection.

Fixed protection 2016 will give pension investors a fixed lifetime allowance of £1.25 million, whatever the value of the current pension.

But, and it is a big but,  people need to make sure that  they understand this only works if they  cease to contribute to pension schemes in the future.

Should any contribution be made  to a money purchase scheme or extra benefits accrues in a final salary scheme above the basic annual increases( see link above ) then the  fixed protection 2016 will revert back to the standard lifetime allowance at that time.

A very expensive mistake!

Fixed protection 2016 will need to be applied for when the forms are available from HMRC  and before 6 April 2016


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